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Our Partners

Lansons is a strategic reputation management consultancy, acting as trusted advisers to organisations across the world.

A partnership, with offices in London and New York, we blend expertise across customer, financial, policy, employee and media engagement to help build and protect reputations from the inside out, in ways that are authentic and purposeful.

Helping shape better reputations since 1989

“Reputation can only be based on reality and behaviour: what organisations do, how they behave and how they communicate.”- Tony Langham, Co-Founder & CEO

Change & Transformation

Change is everywhere, and it’s constant. Yet, driving change is challenging

That’s because the most complex aspect of any change is human behaviour; organisations don’t change, people do. It’s why Lansons apply the latest thinking in psychology and sociology to engage employees; appealing to hearts and minds to power action. Our book, Why We Do What We Do authored with neuroscientist Dr Helena Boschi, looks at how the brain influences what we see, think and do in the workplace.

We combine insight strategic know-how, creative ideas and practical techniques; vital in successful communications for change. And, sometimes, transformation.

Here’s how.

Create cultural musts.

Lead with vision.

Engage for impact.

Articulate your strategy.

Realise your transformation.

By being CLEAR we’ll help you achieve your goals.

With thirty years of case study, Profitability have perfected a unique approach to making change happen: we build simulations that turn your strategy to reality.

Traditionally, businesses will use some form of training as a means to make something happen that wasn’t happening before. Mostly, this involves some form of ‘chalk and talk’ learning…getting people to sit in a room and be told what it is they should start doing.

The challenge is, not many of us do what we are told.

Profitability is not a training business. We don’t have models for leadership, or change management. The model we create, is the one that resembles your business change in precise terms, so that you can prepare your people for the problems they will face. Typically, clients work with them to create a long-term solution to a complex, critical strategic initiative. We build simulations that work as a means of getting your people to experience for themselves how their actions contribute to your top and bottom line.

These simulations are designed using a theory of learning-by-doing, which allows individuals and teams to learn by failing and then succeeding at tasks without instruction, in an environment that closely resembles their reality. Each simulation is built to each specific business challenge, ensuring rapid understanding and adoption of new approaches.

100,000 Nestlé employees, over the last 20 years, have experienced how they can directly create value for Nestlé’s business, ensuring a consistent approach to financial management. We are working with Roche to solve a 2.5bn problem of getting teams to work together effectively bringing new drugs to market. We have created over $30m in operational improvements since working with Ford to drive a mindset shift from cost control to creating shareholder value.

Other clients include Borg Warner, Smurfit Kappa, BMW, Standard Chartered, Bentley and JCB.

Time for a change?

We advise organisations from SMEs and NGOs to multinational corporations on how they can get the best out of their people, and how their people can get the most out of their world of work. We’re experts at finding the unique combination of interventions that unlocks their potential; igniting passion, building advocacy and driving performance.

Your people hold the key to your competitive advantage, shareholder value and bottom-line results (however they’re measured) and never more so than during periods of significant change.

It’s something we’ve proven time and again for John Lewis, Aviva, Rolls-Royce, Asda, EY, Costa, Oxfam, the AA, Santander, Dixons Carphone and eBay among others.

Our award-winning team, based in York, London and Berlin, includes strategists, engagement and communication consultants, leadership coaches, digital architects, creative designers, editorial experts and project managers. We have a reputation for excellence, innovation, academic rigour and delivering value.

Let’s start a conversation. We love change and we love to discuss and shape…

Change management
Coaching and training