Accelerate Business Performance During Ongoing Uncertainty & Retain Competitiveness Despite The Increasing Volume & Scale Of Change:

Deliver Results-Focused & Impactful Business Change & Transformation

Bridge The Gap Between Strategy & Rapid Delivery With Forward-Thinking Insights Around Hybrid & Flexible Workforces ■ Agile & Change Methodologies ■ Culture, Change & Engagement ■ Delivering Results ■ Digital Transformation & Automation ■ Data & Measurement ■ Engaging Customers ■ Inspiring Leaders & Stakeholder Buy-In ■ Impact & Value – Lessons Learned

22 Brands Speaking, 1 Inspiring Day – Accelerating Business Performance In Uncertain Times

22 Proactive & Practical Business Change & Transformation Leaders Share Brand New Insights To Accelerate Business Performance, Retain Competitiveness & Bridge The Gap Between Strategy & Rapid Delivery In Order To Deliver Successful Business Change & Transformation During Ongoing Uncertainty & Ever-Increasing Volume & Scale Of Change

Hybrid & Flexible Workforces ■ Agile & Change Methodologies ■ Delivering Business Change ■ Digital Transformation & Automation ■ Culture, Change & Engagement ■ Data & Measurement ■ Engaging Customers ■ Inspiring Leaders & Stakeholder Buy-In ■ Impact & Value – Lessons Learned


Retain A Competitive Edge In A Hybrid World:

Optimise a change-ready flexible and hybrid workforce with brand new and refreshed strategies to drive project momentum


Adapt With Agile & Best-Fit Change Methodologies:

Determine which methodologies fit the frameworks and needs of your business to deliver long-lasting results


Refresh & Reignite Culture, Change & Engagement:

Embed a resilient and change-ready culture powered by an engaged and inspired workforce ready to adopt and deliver


Drive Forward Digital Transformation & Automation:

Leverage effective digital tools, new tech and automation to facilitate change and drive efficiencies


Design, Execute & Deliver Robust Business Change!

Watertight and winning change management toolkits and frameworks to effectively deliver successful change and transformation


Power Data-Driven Change By Measuring Success:

Streamline measurement strategies and translate insights to demonstrate the tangible value of your change initiatives


Boost Customer Engagement:

Embed a customer-driven strategy which adapts to changing behaviours to engage customers across the board


Inspire Leaders & Secure Stakeholder Buy-In:

Guarantee long-term support by engaging senior leaders and avoiding investment silos


Optimise Value & Prove Impact – Lessons Learnt!

From people to projects to comms, benchmark results and explore practical insights into real-life pitfalls and challenges

Fresh For Business Change & Transformation 2023!

  • Benchmark Success With Industry Peers
  • 3 Thought-Leading Panel Discussions:
  1. Agile & Change Methodologies
  2. Culture, Change & Engagement
  3. Impact & Value – Lessons Learnt

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