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Initiate People-Centric Change, Streamline AI Adoption, Unlock Unrivalled Employee Engagement & Power Change Momentum To Drive Successful Organisational Change For People Leaders

10th Annual One-Day, Cross-Sector Conference & Networking Exhibition, Central London, 27th November 2024

08.15 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Alan Wilkes, Director of Change & Improvement, Sainsbury’s

Lesley Woods, Head of PR Partnerships & Non-News Media Projects, Directorate of Defence Communications, Ministry of Defence


09.20 Maximise The Transformative Potential Of AI To Facilitate & Fuel Change, Optimise Operational Efficiencies & Propel Your Business Towards A Future Of Innovation & Resilience

  • Deep dive into the intricacies of integrating AI into organisational culture to uncover brand new opportunities, identify potential barriers, and mitigate risk
  • AI represents a fundamental shift in mindset and approach to technology adoption: uncover brand new strategies which reduce employee resistance and foster long-term buy-in and acceptance of AI-driven change practices
  • Benchmark against industry standards and anticipate the impact of AI on business processes in today’s ever-evolving landscape

Cedric Plettinx, Supply Transformation Lead, Solutions Europe, Anheuser-Busch InBev


Panel Q&A

09.40 The Hybrid VS. Office Working Debate – How Can All Organisations Achieve Long-Term, Sustained Change Amidst The Dynamic Context Of The Hybrid, Remote, Decentralised & Office-Based Workforce?

  • Debate and discuss the ongoing challenges of engaging employees through change initiatives within the dynamic context of an ever-changing hybrid work environment
  • Explore effective approaches for communications in the new world of hybrid, flexible, remote, and decentralised, ensuring that information is disseminated efficiently and reaches all employees
  • How can you balance organisational needs, efficiencies, and cost pressures with the evolving expectations and flexibility experienced by employees in the new work environment
  • Review and reflect upon change initiatives implemented over the past few years in order to determine how an appetite for change and employee buy-in has changed?

Nicola Porter, Head of Employee Relations & People Transformation & Change Hub, Direct Line Group

Kevin Lyons, Senior HR Manager, Pearson


10.10 Refresh & Reignite Your Culture, Empower Employees, & Inspire Collaboration To Deliver Strategic, Long-Term Change Whilst Mitigating Disconnected Cultures

  • Accurately explore appropriate employee expectations and identify areas where challenges may arise, prompting a reassessment of delivery practices
  • Discuss the shift in expectations of employees over the past few years, emphasising the evolving role of managers in caring for both the wellbeing of their staff and themselves
  • Continue to acknowledge the significance of people as your organisation’s greatest assets, highlighting the pivotal role employees play in overall change success and how to keep them on board to the change cause
  • Showcase your commitment to elevating workforce practices, emphasising the importance of continuous improvement, and creating enriching experiences for all employees, wherever they are based
  • Effectively identify areas for improvement and implementation to deliver meaningful and enriching experiences for employees, ensuring a holistic approach to employee wellbeing and satisfaction

Beth Aarons, Global Executive Director, Dorchester Collection Academy

10.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

11.00 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


Double Perspective

11.30 Are Your Leaders Change Champions? Explore Real Challenges, Embrace Accountability & Navigate Transformational Leadership

  • What are the barriers to being a good leader during change? Ensure you are equipping your senior leaders and managers with the skills and tools needed to drive forward change initiatives successfully
  • Tackling leadership accountability and the change in expectations of managers today: deep dive into the ownership of decisions and choices as the cornerstone of effective leadership in the context of steering forward organisational change
  • What tools, techniques, and new approaches do successful leaders use to drive transformation and change, and how can you ensure fossilised managers up to date with modern techniques?
  •  Delve into the myriad of challenges facing leaders in driving change, providing a platform for insightful discussions on specific hurdles and the strategies employed to overcome them

11.30 Perspective 1

John Bell, Head of Culture Change, Centrica

11.50 Perspective 2

Rhian Moore, Head of Internal Communications, Great Western Railway (GWR)


12.10 Transformation Tactics: Pioneering Change Like A TikTok Influencer

In our hyper-connected world, tech drives change at breakneck speed. But behind every digital breakthrough lies the real secret to success: people.

Join us as we uncover the game-changing impact of a people-centric approach, where human connection fuels innovation and drives lasting change.

In this session, we’ll:

  • Uncover the pivotal role of a people-centric approach, in propelling business goals and outcomes
  • Explore pillars of a people-centric mindset, from open communication to continuous learning
  • Share real-world examples showing people-centric principles in action; we’ll dive into case studies, examining challenges, strategies, and lessons learned.

Roxanna Homer, Chief of Staff / Group COO, Flutter Entertainment Plc


Panel Q&A

12.30 Deliver People-Centric Change Strategies Which Showcase Ultimate Employee Engagement Levels By Listening To The Employee Voice & Effectively Managing The Effects Of Change

  • Explore the use of new tools and tech to make work more fun, engaging, and immersive, considering the impact on employee satisfaction and productivity
  • How can you best support your employees wherever they are in the organisation to maintain their mental wellbeing and fitness which will help when navigating and managing the effects of change?
  • Examine the gap in engagement between how your workforce want to engage with their organisation, and the way that leaders need them to engage to align with business goals
  • How can you recognise the challenge of engaging individuals impacted by change, emphasising the need for highly creative communication strategies beyond traditional methods?

Nataly Quinn, Head of Retail Operations (Tech & Change), Holland & Barrett

Louise Davidsen, PMO Director, Ticketmaster

Shruti Birari, Vice President, Change Management, Marsh

Sara Turner, Head of Internal Communications, Ministry of Justice UK

D’Yon Dowell, Head Communications Change & Transformation, Legal & General

13.00 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.30 Informal Breakout Discussions

A) Employee Wellbeing

B) Methodologies

C) Change Resilience

D) Workplace Design

14.00 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

James Makepeace, Transformation Executive, Rolls Royce

Lorna Gibb, Global Vice President, Nokia


14.10 Combat Change Fatigue & Secure Employee Buy-In & Support To Deliver Business-Wide Cultural Changes Which Align With Long-Term Business Goals

  • Explore effective strategies for evolving organisational cultures over time, fostering adaptability and alignment with evolving business goals
  • Examine your role in maintaining a leadership position during cultural change, considering the impact on mental health and wellbeing of all employees
  • Mitigate toxic cultures and change fatigue through proactive interventions and fostering a healthier organisational environment
  • Reignite company cultures for 2025 and beyond by exploring innovative approaches aligned with changing work dynamics and employee expectations

Augusto Romero, Director, Global Strategic Transformation & Change, American Express


14.30 Implement Effective Strategies For Seamless Change Management, Overcome Challenges & Foster A Culture That Embraces Positive Transformation

  • Explore the harsh reality that only 30% of change programmes succeed* and debate and discuss actionable steps to improve success rates, drawing on the latest insights to inform future change management strategies
  • Strategically integrate change management into early organisational project management stages, ensuring seamless alignment for increased efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Demystify the essence of change management, offering clarity on its role and purpose, particularly for those navigating business readiness challenges, and address the challenge of persuading frontline employees to embrace change

Nataly Quinn, Head of Retail Operations (Tech & Change), Holland & Barrett


14.50 Maximise Data Insights To Measure, Visualise & Showcase The Proven Value & Tangible Impact Of Your Change Efforts & Initiatives

  • Explore new strategies to avoid the common pitfall of solely focussing on delivering outputs, emphasising the need to discern meaningful outcomes: what makes a good outcome, and do outcomes always have to be business-oriented?
  • Examine the effective utilisation of both qualitative and quantitative data to prioritise changes amid competing priorities, ensuring a nuanced understanding for impactful decision-making
  • Tackle the challenge of isolating tangible benefits from intangible ones in the context of change, discussing new and innovative methods to realise real benefits amid the complexity of transformative initiatives
  • Establish a solid foundation for change management by presenting compelling data and insights in an engaging manner, emphasising the importance of a well-supported strategies

Souleymane Camara, Principal & Head of UX Research, I&E DT, Design & Change Management, bp


15.10 Foster Mutually-Beneficial Change, Integrate Organisational Development & Change Management In 2025 & Beyond & Persuade Frontline Teams To Embrace Positive Transformations

  • How can you make change mutually-beneficial? Explore brand new insights to power refreshed strategies which promote the benefits for both the organisation and its employees
  • Examine the convergence of organisational development and change management in 2025, identifying the latest trends and new, collaborative approaches for effective integration
  • Delve into the art of bringing individuals along the change journey, whether it involves shifts in work methodologies, adoption of new technologies, or broader organisational transformations
  • Expertly address the challenge of persuading frontline employees to embrace change, emphasising effective communication and motivation strategies and recognising the impact of workplace design on organisational success

Elizabeth Dunn, Head of Business Change, River Island

15.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

16.00 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


Panel Q&A

16.30 Facilitate Fast-Paced Organisational Change, Encourage Proactive Cultures, Empower Creative & Collaborative Engagement & Create Excitement Around Your Comms Strategies For Ultimate Success

  • Best-prepare your teams to navigate and manage change effectively, fostering resilience and adaptability within the organisational context
  • Address the ongoing challenge of change comms, emphasising the growing need for creative and potentially disruptive approaches which ensure employees feel part of the change process rather than having change imposed upon them
  • Explore innovative communication strategies that foster engagement, active participation, and a sense of being heard among employees, especially in the context of hybrid work environments
  • Tackle the communication challenges posed by the hybrid environment, considering the reliance on virtual platforms and the need for effective engagement beyond routine digital interactions

Kerry Marland-Reay, Head of Business Change, English Heritage

Heather Andrews, Group People Change & Transformation Director, Legal & General

Paul Atkins, HR Director – Service & Integration, Phoenix

Ashutosh Pandey, Vice President Project Management, Quality & Process, Eutelsat Group


17.00 Power Progress, Optimise Engagement, Sustain Commitment & Secure Buy-In By Maximising Stakeholder Confidence & Managing Changing Expectations

  • Uncover new strategies to become a trusted advisor to stakeholders, exploring how to garner the best outcomes and build lasting partnerships
  • Examine proven methods to maintain stakeholder engagement throughout the lifespan of change programmes, ensuring sustained commitment and support at all levels
  • Share best practice and effective pitching tips for securing stakeholder buy-in and financial backing, emphasising brand new techniques proven to capture attention and secure long-term support
  • Manage stakeholder expectations during change preparations, securing enduring backing throughout the change journey by aligning expectations with the evolving organisational landscape

Lina Guerrero Kärger, Global Director of Change Management, Bupa


Fail Fast, Learn Quick

17.20 Navigate The Agile Landscape & Determine The Best Methodologies Which Suit The Needs Of Your Change Programmes To Boost Bottom-Line Performance & Drive Collaboration

  • Develop compelling strategies for persuading individuals to embrace agile work methodologies, fostering adaptability and driving a culture of change at all levels
  • Define the optimal level of agility, staying attuned to the evolving business environment and its impact on organisational dynamics to secure real and long-lasting results
  • Cultivate collaboration and continuous improvement mindsets through agile practices, ensuring practical outcomes that contribute to organisational success

James Makepeace, Transformation Executive, Rolls Royce

17.40 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Lorna Gibb, Global Vice President, Nokia

James Makepeace, Transformation Executive, Rolls Royce