Agility in Mind is a consultancy that works with ambitious organisations, which face challenges because of their scale or their desire to scale, to increase their competitive advantage. We have an impact through shifting the mindsets of all those within the organisation, so that they can respond with more agility to changes in the environment in which they operate. The outcome is a business that culturally believes that they can own and create their own future.



McCann Synergy help organisations earn a meaningful role in employee’s lives, to deliver sustainable growth. As an end-to-end employment consultancy, McCann Synergy engage people with impact through insight-driven creative comms and experiences that connect with employees and change behaviours. McCann Synergy was named best agency at the Institute of Internal Communications and joined McCann in 2020. McCann is the founding agency of McCann Worldgroup, a creatively driven global marketing company, part of the Interpublic Group.



Partners in Performance is an agile, fast-growing, international management consultancy. The driving force behind the impact Partners in Performance help organisations achieve, is in how we work with our client partners. We help our clients execute their strategy and build high-performance organisations.

What makes us stand out is our focus on getting the result through effective collaboration. We achieve meaningful and lasting change by drawing out the potential in people, coaching them to see their potential and empowering them to achieve it. This is where the magic happens, true transformation, when people reach further, achieving results often beyond what they thought possible.


To help organisations successfully navigate complex change and transformation.

Drawing on our Aviation heritage, we use our unique Flight Path approach and Insight Platform to enable simpler, smarter ways of working and the safe delivery of change, supported by powerful data and insights. With over 30 years of global transformation experience, a proven track record, an amazing team and culture, and a strong reputation with our clients, we are ideally positioned to support your goals

We leave a legacy, not a dependency. We provide both the capabilities and tools that you will need to be self-sufficient moving forwards, supporting the upskilling of internal teams and empowering those teams to be effective in their roles.



How can people change if they don’t want to change or don’t know how to change?

VEO is used by organisations in over 30 countries around the world to transform learning, professional development and culture through unparalleled insights from video.

VEO provides an empowering solution for delivering business change and transformation – at scale. Employees love using VEO as it gives them more control, autonomy and understanding of their own professional development. Leaders love using VEO as it fosters collaboration, provides deep insights and ultimately transformation to teams and businesses.