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Our Partners

At North Highland, everything we do begins and ends with people. The powerful experience we create when working with clients is unique, trusted, and collaborative.

It is more than an approach or a methodology, it is a way of working that translates into real value, now and into the future.

No other consulting firm works as closely with their clients. We won't just tell you where to go and how to improve. We provide clarity—not complication. Binding our team with your structural, long-term aims, you'll learn about self-directed change and, eventually, make it happen yourself.

Founded in 1992, North Highland is an employee-owned firm - regularly named one of the best places to work. We have more than 5,000 consultants worldwide and 65+ offices around the globe. Meanwhile, we’re a proud member of Cordence Worldwide (, an international consulting alliance.

We help our clients navigate a complex world, addressing challenges through three critical lenses:​

  • Customer - Exceeding customer expectations to meet business imperatives​
  • Workforce - Reimagining your talent and capabilities to realise your full potential ​
  • Operational -Driving improvements and efficiency to transform your day-to-day​