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Book Before Next Friday For Just £424- SAVE £175! The New Evolution Of People & Results-Focused, Organisational & Business Change & Transformation Conference!

Remote, Flexible & Hybrid Workforces • Change Methodologies • Communicating Change & Transformation • Digital Transformation & Automation • Stakeholder Engagement • Data & Measurement • Culture, Change & Engagement • Sustainability • New Technologies • Change Resistance & Risk • The Future Of Change. 21 Speakers In 1 Day!

A One-Day, Cross-Sector Conference & Networking Event, 30th June 2022, Central London. Group Discounts Available! Book 4 For 3! Please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 For Details.

21 Business Change & Transformation Leaders Share Brand New & Innovative Insights On Communication & Delivering Seamless & Successful Organisational & Business Change Models In An Ever-Dispersed, Digital-First Workforce To Increase Engagement & Efficiencies, Prove Real Value & ROI & Boost Bottom-Line Results

  1. Change-Ready Remote, Flexible & Hybrid Workforces: Overcome the challenges of a dispersed workforce to drive project momentum and performance
  2. Forward-Thinking & Revitalised Change Methodologies: Streamline ways of working with the right frameworks for your organisation to enhance project efficiencies and profitability
  3. Open, Honest & People-Led Change Communication Strategies: Implement a watertight, people-orientated, tried-and-tested communications strategy which emphasises the real benefits of change and transformation
  4. Establish Effective Digital Transformation & Automation: Power change capabilities, drive efficiencies and ensure business readiness
  5. Win Stakeholder Engagement & Secure Buy-In: Mitigate investment silos, prove value and ROI, secure support and guarantee continued commitment
  6. Data, Insights & Streamlined Measurement: From data collection to insight-led action, explore the best measurement techniques you need to implement in your organisation today
  7. Innovate & Revitalise Cultural Shifts: Inspiring ways to design, develop and implement a truly collaborative and change-ready company culture
  8. Embracing Sustainability! Develop sustainable change solutions for long-lasting ecological business transformation for a competitive edge
  9. Mitigate The Risk Of Change Resistance: Balance the risks of resistance to change with the rewards of shifting towards agile frameworks
  10. Assess & Invest In New Digital-First Technologies: Fuel business change and transformation by harnessing the latest, perfect-fit tools and technologies
  11. Fit-For-Future Business Change Models & Practices: Prepare future-proofed change strategies which deliver results and boost the bottom-line

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PLUS! What's New At Europe's Business Change & Transformation Conference ?

  • Brand New Speaker Line-Up Featuring 21 Industry-Leading European Brands!
  • 4th Annual Must-Attend Industry Event!
  • 3 Interactive Panel Discussions & Q&A: A) Change Methodologies B) Culture, Change & Engagement C) The Future Of Change & Transformation
  • Informal Breakout Discussion: A) Similarities & Differences - Cross-Sector Learning With British Airways & Aston University, B) Engaging Customers, C) Sustainability
  • 4 International Perspectives

The Business Change & Transformation Europe Conference At A Glance


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21 Heads & Directors Of Change & Transformation Speak In 1 Day: Digital Transformation & Automation • People Engagement & Culture Change • Remote, Flexible, Hybrid • Data & Measurement • Budget, Buy-In & Stakeholders • Disruptive New Tech • Change Methodologies • Communicating Business Change & Transformation • Designing & Preparing For Change • The Future Of Business

08.40 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.00 Morning Chairs’ Opening Remarks



Jon Carson, Director of Change, Pets at Home


09.10 Update Your Workforce Management Models To Embrace The Ever-Flexible & Hybrid World To Ensure Cooperation & Collaboration Whilst Driving Positive Business Change & Transformation

  • Overcome the barriers of remote working by unearthing innovative and fresh strategies that generate a collaborative space and enhance project outcomes
  • Drive stakeholder engagement, boost retainment and avoid internal conflict by providing autonomy and flexibility to employees throughout business-wide change
  • Understand the best tips-and-tricks for engaging a dispersed workforce during change to maximise bottom-line performance
  • Look after your most powerful change assets… your people! Explore how best to support and monitor remote workers no matter their location or time zone to boost productivity and business-wide transformation

Speaker to be announced, please check the website for details.


09.30 Innovative & Inspiring Approaches To Embed Sustained Cultural Shifts By Aligning All Employees On The Change Journey & Demonstrating The Rewards & Advantages Of Change 

  • Culture is no longer being defined top down - it’s coming from the grassroots, and it’s loud and clear what they want… flexibility! Bring leaders on board with employee-voice led arguments to be a stand-out employer in the future workplace
  • Change the perception of high performance: bums on seats was always a poor indicator but how do we cultivate real measures of effort, motivation and success?
  • Ensure leaders maximise face-to-face engagement opportunities – why, when and how often?
  • Can you re-create remote water cooler chats and impromptu team lunches? Innovate your onboarding so new colleagues who’ve never been into an office or met anyone in person feel included and supported



Harriet Herman, Head of Business Change, AXA – Global Healthcare



Rich Brown, Business Transformation Director, LV=



Meagen Burnett, Chief Operating Officer, Asset Management, M&G Investments



Gary McCready, Commercial Development Director, Currys Plc



Zeib Khwaja, Vice President, JP Morgan Chase, London

10.00 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

10.30 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.00 Implement A Watertight, Authentic & People-Orientated Business Communications Strategy Which Emphasises The Benefits Of Business-Wide Change & Transformation

  • Maximise an open, honest and people-led comms strategy which is driven bottom-up for real and sustained long-term success
  • Determine the right channels and methods of communication so that your messages land in order to truly embed change and transformation in your organisation
  • Secure employee buy-in with change journeys by highlighting the necessity of the project and emphasising the advantages that the transformation will bring
  • Listen to employee feedback, anticipate resistance and mitigate the risk of transformational silos with tried-and-tested, effective comms strategies

11.00 Perspective One



David Brown, Head of Transformation - People & Sustainability, British Airways

11.20 Perspective One



Lisa Tovey, Lead Business Integration & Transformation Manager, Pernod Ricard


11.40 Establish Effective Digital Transformation & Automation In Your Organisation To Power Change Capabilities, Drive Efficiencies & Ensure Business Readiness

  • With new advances in RPA and AI comes digital resistance: ensure a smooth digital journey by effectively communicating the benefits of automation to secure buy-in on all levels
  • Say no to one size fits all! Every organisation has different digital needs, so how can you distinguish what tech transformation is feasible to deploy to ultimately drive bottom-line performance and boost ROI in your organisation?
  • Find the perfect equilibrium between human and the digital touch by ensuring that colleagues are supported and aided during digital transformation
  • The green finger! How can we guarantee that our digital change practices are sustainable whilst also harnessing new and innovative infrastructures?



Lars Bülow Jørgensen, Associate Director, Digital Transformation Office, Finance, Kao Business Services B.V.


12.00 Maximise Senior Leader & Stakeholder Buy-In & Encourage Long-Term Business Change Commitment By Proving The Value Of Your Business Change & Transformation Efforts

  • Steer away from investment silos and cost cutting! Overcome the challenges of securing buy-in and win over key stakeholders to safeguard essential investment and guarantee the longevity of business change and transformation in your organisation
  • Prove value with optimised metrics and measurement tools which tick all of the right boxes to ensure you get the board on-board with proposed change and transformation projects



Richard Denning, Business Development Director, Central England Co-operative


12.20 Prove Real Value & Demonstrate The Success Of Business Change & Transformation With Effective Data Analysis & Streamlined Measurement Strategies

  • Maximise measurement techniques to truly understand how much change your employees can take onboard, and how to utilise these insights when driving large-scale business change in the future
  • From data collection to insight-led action, explore the best digital measurement techniques you need to implement in your organisation today
  • The power of data and insights! Build strong foundations to your future transformation projects by accounting for action based on real data, resources, and insights

12.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner 

13.10 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners


A) Similarities & Differences: Cross-Sector Learning



David Brown, Head of Transformation - People & Sustainability, British Airways



Lisa Gregg, Director of Organisational Change, Aston University

B) Engaging Customers

C) Sustainability

14.10 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks



Ashutosh Pandey, Senior Director & Head of Business Process Transformation, Nokia


14.20 The Changing Face Of Change! Power Both Large-Scale Transformation & Smaller-Scale Agile Change In The New World With Robust, Forward-Thinking & Revitalised Change Methodologies

  • Assess and determine! Filter through the masses and determine the best frameworks and approaches that are right for your business today to mitigate resistance and transform business change
  • What new methodologies are coming to the forefront that you need to know about which can transform future business change?
  • The agile vs. waterfall debate: agile is still a buzzword, but what are the real business benefits, and which methodology is most applicable to maximise project success and profitability in your company?



Marta Solana-Cruz, Senior Manager Business Change & Engagement, GSK



Paula Oke, Head of Change, Currys Plc



David Bishton, Head of Business Change, The University of Warwick


14.50 Embrace Sustainable Solutions & Practices To Boost Net-Zero Innovation, Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint & Power Ecological Long-Term Business Transformation

  • Explore novel ways to embed sustainability into company culture during change and encourage sustainable business transformation
  • Devise a sustainability strategy that sits at the forefront of your business to not only enhance environmental benefits but reposition your businesses competitiveness
  • The age of digital dexterity! How can we ensure we are embracing innovative yet efficient and sustainable technologies?



Nico Reynders, Head of Talent Go-To-Market, UCB 


15.10 Fuel Business Change & Transformation By Harnessing The Latest Tools & Technologies

  • In the digital-first world, how can you determine the best new tools and technologies to implement which can facilitate business change and drive bottom-line-boosting results?
  • Leverage user-friendly technologies and explore how organisations are implementing these and driving adoption internally
  • When assessing new tools and methods of implementing business change, determine how to best support and educate employees for seamless transformation

Speaker to be announced, please check the website for updates.


15.30 Balance The Risk Of Change Resistance & Exhaustion With The Push Towards Agile Transformation To Successfully Deliver & Maintain Long-Term & Successful Business Change

  • Avoid change exhaustion and ensure success early on by encouraging clear, concise, and genuine communication with your employees at the start of the transformation journey
  • Put yourself in their shoes! As the last two years has brought on arguably more change and disruption than ever before, consider how much change your workforce can take in order to extract the most comprehensive business benefits
  • Implement crucial impact assessments and analyse risk factors to decipher if your business change is fit-for-future



Rebekah Shepherd, Head of Transformation, SGN

15.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

16.20 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.50 Establish A Business Change Model That Is Fit-For-Future With Fresh, Innovative Insights Which Are Guaranteed to Deliver Results & Influence Future Change Projects

  • Adjusting to the seesaw of office and remote working – what will the future of work look like and what are the implications for business change and transformation?
  • Change is the only constant: Covid-19 has certainly re-defined how we prepare for change but what future threats should businesses be scanning for to safeguard business preparedness?



Sophie Cook, Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Talent & Organisation Development – GSK Vaccines, GSK



Kirsty Watson, Chief Operating Officer, Adviser, abrdn



Richard Grice, Interim Transformation Director, Nottingham City Council



Helen Martin, Head of Deployment Strategy & Programme Delivery, NHS England & NHS Improvement



Eva McLellan, Head of Business Strategy, Transformation & Innovation(Exec. Director), Belgium & Luxembourg, Roche

17.20 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Close Of Conference

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